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Which products still support Windows 7?


(1) Products with the LGA1151 socket support Skylake processors (6000 series) and Kaby Lake
processors (7000 series). However, for Windows 7 graphics and chipset drivers are only available for
Skylake processors.
(2) With Skylake processors it must be noted that the original installation DVD does not supply any
matching USB 3.0 drivers for Windows 7.
A description of how to integrate the missing drivers can be found here: Create a bootable Windows 7 USB-Stick and integrate the USB 3.0 Drivers
(3) With DH110 and XH110(V) the installation of Windows 7 with Skylake processors also works with the original installation DVD, if the following connectors are used during the installation process:
The PS/2 connector for the keyboard or mouse and the SATA connector for the DVD drive (or external SATA connector for DH110).
Kaby Lake processors cannot be combined with Windows 7
The current Intel driver for Kaby Lake processors only supports Windows 10

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